Digital Field Methods Institute

2018 Online Introduction and Schedule

2018 Online Introduction and Schedule

In order to prepare for your field work at DFMI, we have collected some readings for all participants to discuss online during the week of July 2. These readings will provide some conceptual and terminological common ground when it comes to method.

There will be a daily discussion forum for commentary on each group of readings, which DFMI staffers will be facilitating. You can see the readings at once, or you can browse by day by clicking the date below.

In addition to the discussion forums, you will have the opportunity to comment more granularly on each of the readings via, an online social annotation plug in. (Please sign up for a account). We encourage you to annotate and comment on specific sections of the texts, which we can then bring that collaborative knowledge to the discussion forums for each day. For example, you can highlight pertinent passages on any of the PDFs below in our closed DFMI group, which you can later elaborate on in the discussion forums.

Monday, July 2, 2018: Methods

Reel-to-reel tape recorder surrounded by leaves and tree branches.

Key Readings
Manning, Erin. “Against Method.”
Springgay, Stephanie and Truman, Sarah E. “On the Need for Methods Beyond Proceduralism: Speculative Middles, (In)Tensions, and Response-Ability in Research.”
Vannini, Phillip. “Non-Representational Research Methodologies: An Introduction
Whatmore, Sarah. “Generating Materials.”
Recommended Media
Springgay, Stephanie Walking Lab
July 2 Discussion Forum

Tuesday, July 3, 2018: In the Field

Man wearing headphones and holding a shotgun microphone in the wetlands.

Key Readings
Kisliuk, Michelle. “(Un)doing Fieldwork Sharing Songs, Sharing Lives.”
Massey, Doreen. “Imagining the Field.”
Pezzullo, Phaedra C. & de Onís, Catalina M. “Rethinking Rhetorical Field Methods on a Precarious Planet.”
Smiley, Sam. “Field Recording or Field Observation?: Audio Meets Method in Qualitative Research.”
Recommended Media
McGuire, Patrick. “10 of the Most Interesting Field Recordists Working Across Aesthetic Boundaries.”
July 3 Discussion Forum

Wednesday, July 4, 2018: Ethics

Man on a trail, wearing headphones and holding a microphone.

Key Readings
Pink, Sarah. “Ethics in an Uncertain World: Between Theory and Practice.”
Thrift, Nigel. “Practising Ethics
Recommended Media
de Seta, Gabriele. “Against Sonic Naturalism.”
Interview with Gabriele de Seta. “We Need No Swords Episode 26: Antinaturalism.”
July 4 Discussion Forum

Thursday, July 5, 2018: Sonics

Colorful sine waves on a black background.

Key Readings
Helmreich, Stefan. “Transducing.”
Odland, Bruce. “Sonic Landscapes (Finding a Sense of Place with my Ears).”
Peterson, Marina. “Wind Matters.”
Recommended Media
Rosenthal, Rob. “Tinkering with Sound Design.”
Radiolab. “Making the Hippo Dance.”
Radiolab. “Pulling Back the Curtain.”
All Things Considered. “How to Translate Sight into Sound? It’s All in the Vibrations.”
July 5 Discussion Forum

Friday, July 6, 2018: Reimagining Field Methods

Calm beach at sunset with supernatural spirals of light emanating from a sea boulder.

Key Readings
Myers, Natasha. “Ungrid-able Ecologies: Decolonizing the Ecological Sensorium in a 10,000 year-old NaturalCultural Happening.”
Polli, Andrea. “Sonifications of Global Environmental Data.”
Sobliye, Gabi and Mortada, Leil-Zahra. “Uneasy Listening: The Underused Art of Sonifying Data to tell Stories of Social Injustices.”
Recommended Media
Cities and Memory
July 6 Discussion Forum