The Digital Field Methods Institute (DFMI) is where you can experiment with and learn how to use digital and physical technology in your research. More specifically, it is a collection of in-person summer institutes and free online course modules designed to facilitate humanities research via curated scholarly content and in-depth technological instruction designed to eliminate confusion over how to get started and to get you working with technology.

We are an extension of the Digital Writing and Research Lab, a component of the Rhetoric and Writing Department at the University of Texas at Austin. 

Summer Institutes…outta sight!

Each summer, the Digital Writing and Research Lab's (DWRL) Digital Field Methods Institute (DFMI) offers an introduction to, and practice in  methodologies for conceptualizing, developing, deploying, processing, and publishing academic research through digital media. 

Come experiment with technology in a low-stakes, collegial environment that encourages experimentation! This IS Austin, TX right? Let’s get weird! We want to help you fly that drone, record that sound, build that robot, and make that documentary!