DFMI 2018

Sonic Methodologies


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The Digital Writing and Research Lab at the University of Texas at Austin is excited to announce the Digital Field Methods Institute (DFMI), an annual event that will offer new and established researchers opportunities to gain invaluable practice collecting, analyzing, and organizing digital data for publication. The aim of DFMI is to guide researchers as they cultivate techniques for responsible, accessible, sustainable, and inventive research projects that work with and through digital media.

Our inaugural institute, DFMI 2018, will focus on sonic research techniques and technologies, facilitating robust discussions about digital methodology, organizing hands-on practice with digital tools for collecting sonic research data, offering structured practice for processing that data for analysis, and providing extensive support in composing the work into scholarly forms suited for publishing sonic research.

DFMI 2018 will take place both online (July 2-6) and on-site at the University of Texas at Austin (July 9-13), offering a range of shared readings, lectures, discussions, media practice, editing workshops, and project consultations. Details about the program (including speakers and workshops), tuition cost, accommodations, facilities, equipment, and other logistics will be posted shortly.

General inquires about DFMI 2018 should be directed to DWRL Director, Casey Boyle (casey.boyle[atsign]utexas.edu).